Why Should I Consider Massage?

Not just to feel good...

...although it does that as well. Massage therapy has been in use for thousands of years. (Going back to 2700 BC!) The main reason for this is because it's a natural instinct. It is totally natural to rub a sore muscle or squeeze a muscle cramp.

We do this because of the result that massage naturally brings. Increased blood flow, endorphin release which is a natural stress reliever and pain reducer, the feeling of calm that comes with massage reduces the harmful effects of stress on the body. Muscles become more pliable improving mobility and reducing pressure on the skeletal system. Massage can also reduce an athlete's risk of injury. 

Your body, your horse's body, any body can benefit in numerous ways from the therapeutic touch of massage. We have seen dramatic improvement in our clients' quality of life and their ability to pursue the things in life they enjoy all the while raising the level at which they take part in those activities. 

But don't just take our word for it. Here is what some of our clients and associates have said. (Shared with permission) 

"As an ICU nurse, my body goes through a fair amount of stress on a regular basis. Whether it is from performing CPR, repositioning patients or working a 12 hour overnight shift, the toll on my neck, lower back and shoulder is quite intense. As a chronic migraine sufferer, the physical stress of my career only intensifies the agony when a migraine strikes. Thanks to Sherawn and the work she does, I have gone from double digit migraines per month down to one or two at the most."  ~ Matt, RN

"As a health care professional treating complex neuromusculoskeletal issues, most people coming to see me had multiple areas of concern. As we all know from the common children's song "them bones", the foot bone is connected to the leg bone and so on..in order for me to provide effective care for my patients, I often ended up treating the whole body. Often I had to work through muscular and scar restrictions before we could focus on their main problem. By having Sherawn as a collaborative practitioner, we could work together with her focusing on the muscular restrictions and the entire body. This left me the ability to focus on the problematic area thus reducing their health care costs, and length of treatment time."   ~ Heidi, DPT WCS

"I highly recommend Sherawn Stewart. She has been my massage therapist for 6 years. She has been able to relieve my back and neck pain, and my flexibility has improved. She gives me great visualizations to improve my posture. I'm an active dressage rider and she is one of the things that keeps me doing what I love. She is now taking her massage expertise to help horses." ~Claudia


"How many different words can I use to describe Sherawn Stewart with 4fourteen massage?

Professional, fun, thorough and holistic to name a few. Professional: She always listens intently and works efficiently. Fun: An atmosphere that is too stuffy can keep your muscles bound up. Sherawn keeps it light and pleasant to feel at ease. Thorough: I always leave feeling complete. Holistic: As a fitness professional, I am basically sore and tight all the time. Sherawn doesn’t just use the hour we have to fix my issues. She gives hints on what I can do on my own to loosen up and dives into what else may be causing pain. I use some of her tip on my clients as well." ~ Julie Hendrickson     Owner ~ Destination Fitness