Massage Before & After

4 People~Our Office


We currently use a dedicated space within our home so don't look for an office. The front door will bring you directly into this space so you won't be actually entering our home. Due to the age of our home this space is not handicap accessible. If possible please use a restroom before arriving.

4 People ~ Your First Visit


Please consult your physician before setting your appointment to make sure massage is a good option for you. Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment to go through the client intake forms. Make sure to bring a list of all medications you are taking. Drink plenty of fluids. Hydrated muscles are happy muscles. 

4 People ~ After Your Visit


Drink plenty of fluids. Some discomfort is normal depending on what is being done. Follow therapist instructions for aftercare and preventative maintenance. Try not to wait too long before your next appointment. It is easier to maintain healthy body mechanics than keep starting over when your body has reached its limits.

4 Horses ~ Before


Please have your horse ready for massage before their appointment. Your horse should be groomed, given light lungeing to reduce pent up energy, and haltered in its stall. Please have water available to your horse.

Do not schedule your horse's massage during its regular feeding time. 

4 Horses ~ During


We will need a quiet place to work with your horse away from distraction and without food. We ask that you not interact with your horse during the massage. If they think they are on duty this may keep them from calming and accepting the massage. 

4 Horses ~ After


Observe your horse periodically during the next 24-48 hours. Watch for changes is gate and performance and let us know how they were affected by the massage.