Meet Sherawn

Sherawn Stewart CMT, ESMT

Sherawn's whole life has prepared her for where she is right now. Growing up Sherawn developed a unique perspective of the human body through her study of Cecchetti ballet, understanding the need for total body control and strength. She understands the importance that sports play in a person's life having competed in volleyball, track & field and swimming knowing that sometimes it's more than "just a game" it's a lifestyle.  This interest drew her to a career as a Certified Chiropractic Assistant in Wisconsin shortly after leaving high school. Sherawn has had the opportunity to work in various roles with multiple Chiropractors and Physical Therapists in both Wisconsin and Minnesota learning from each a new perspective of the approach to complete body wellness. Throughout this time Sherawn also had the opportunity to work as a Veterinarian Assistant addressing her love for animals. It was here that Sherawn had the chance to develop her gift for communicating with the animal patients at a new level, working alongside a trainer, giving her a reputation for reaching the "extra grace required" patients.

Sherawn has been a massage therapist since the spring of 2002 after completing her Certified Massage Therapist training at Lake Superior College in Duluth MN. Taking her previous experience, combined with her training, she has honed those skills over the last decade and a half into a specialty of medically based sports and therapeutic massage, embracing the philosophy that life is meant to be lived with a purpose and pain should not hold you back from that purpose. She has seen the effects of massage on the human body and knows how to work with a client to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. 

In 2018 she took her experience of working with the human body and combined it with her love of animals. Trained by industry leading Therasage EMC, (TM) Sherawn now works with horse owners and trainers to help achieve the highest level of performance for these wonderful animals as well.